How it all began – What is Keto?

So after over a decade of doing Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Lite n Easy, Atkins basically you name it I have done it more than once and every time I end up starving hungry, falling off the wagon, gaining more weight than I lost and feeling like I am a failure. I gave up on dieting all together a few years ago and continued to gain. A chance conversation with an acquaintance led me to discover Keto – What’s Keto I asked?

I am a victim of the decades long WRONG advice about weight-loss which was low fat.  All the current research is showing that low fat was a disaster to the health of millions of people, myself included.

Keto is the opposite of low fat. It is HIGH FAT and low carb. I know feels weird right well stay with me. Research has shown that if you eat fat then your body burns fat. Running on fat means no blood sugar highs and lows, no cravings and the total game changer for me NO HUNGER. That’s right every diet I have ever done I get really hungry, the resentment builds, our hormones and needs take over and we ‘break’ the diet. It is not our fault, it is not will power, your body will win over your mind every time.

I will say that again IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT you haven’t been able to ‘stick’ to a low calorie or low fat diet. If you are hungry you will eat.

So how do you do Keto?


Meat, Fish


Full fat dairy
Cheese, Cream, Full fat plain yogurt, Butter, Ghee, Oil,

Veggies that grow above the ground


Berries if you have to

Don’t Eat

Bread, Pasta, Flour, Sugar, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes

Minimal Alcohol – I know it hurts. But if you do this right you will lose weight fast and won’t have to be tough for long, on maintenance you can drink again.

If you don’t believe me just try to do a week, it will change your life, well it changed mine. I am a dedicated foodie, I get pleasure from delicious food but carbohydrates are addictive and make me feel crap – I only realised AFTER I went Keto.

So Day 1 I made scrambled eggs (2 eggs), Bacon and tomatoes for breakfast. Then Chicken salad with mayo for lunch. Then steak with garlic butter and beans for dinner. Yum hey no dessert – no problem

Day 2 I woke up and felt like someone had polished my brain and I was smarter again. I didn’t realise I had brain fog until it was gone! Eggs and bacon again and then at 3pm I thought I had better eat something I suppose, had Tuna in oil, a boiled egg lettuce and mayo. Dinner Roast chicken with skin, broccolini with feta almond flakes and oil.

Day 3 1 Kg lost in 2 days, so much energy, I thought I was getting insomnia as a side effect now I know I just need less sleep on Keto – I know you don’t believe me, I wouldn’t believe me until it happened.

Day 4 I introduced Bulletproof Coffee after finding it on the internet. It is keto fat fasting coffee. So it sounds disgusting Coffee, Butter and Coconut Oil. I am a Melbourne coffee snob but I thought bugger it this diet is amazing I am going to try it.

So the Receipe is

Fresh cup of black coffee – espresso, plunger, filter – whatever floats your boat.

1-2 tablespoons of butter – yes really

1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Melt the oils in the microwave for 25 sec so you don’t cool down the coffee melting the oils in it.

Pour HOT coffee and oils into blender and wiz for 30 sec to a minute this is what makes it yum as it emulsifies the fat and coffee and makes it creamy and smooth. I add a bit of cinnamon too but again whatever calorie free spice floats your boat.

Yes it is 290 Calories but you won’t need to eat for hours, this will do breakfast for you, set your body into fat burning for the day and give you energy.

I know sounds mad – try it – seriously.

So by the end of week 1 I have lost 3kg, have not been hungry and feel great, no headaches, no tummy issues more energy than I have had in years.

I am into week 2, have packed up and given away every carbohydrate in the house ( I live alone so I can do that) and hope you will follow and join my journey.

I have a lot of weight to lose, I am going to be doing this a long time, but finally I have found something that works for me.


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