A flat day – mood is so important

Today I am having a flat day. It is day 12 and after an amazing first week (-3kgs/6.6lbs), this week my hormones are all over the place and my weight went up then back down and now finally 1kg down from last week. I am disappointed as I wanted to average 2kgs loss a week for the first 8 weeks, I know that sounds a lot but I am doing 800 cal a day keto and have over 50kgs/110lbs to lose so at the level of restriction 2kgs is not unrealistic.

But once again my body has let me down. I am not giving up or anything drastic just acknowledging I am feeling pissed off. I really thought this new way was going to bring the promised success and I am sure it will overtime. When you feel you body has betrayed you again and again it is very difficult to hold to the belief it can change. I know I will wake up tomorrow and it will be a better day but today sucks.

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