Nausea and Keto

So I have been feeling amazing the last couple of weeks and today I decided to do Bullet Proof Coffee for breakfast and then at noon I thought I would have a fat bomb (made for the first time last night, post to follow about that) well it was delicious but then I felt really nauseous. To the point where I had to lie down. So I looked it up and apparently it is very common, with coconut oil being the worst offender. Basically too much fat and your body tells you  – too much! So my BPC was 2 tblspn butter and 1 tblspn coconut oil. I have had this before and tolerated it fine. Then I had one fatbomb about 25gm made of butter coconut oil and raw cacao powder, I’m afraid it was one step too far.

So the cure. Ginger Tea – grate some fresh ginger into a cup, add boiling water and sip. Worked like a charm. Time for a more balanced meal – still keto of course!



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