Keto – Green Chicken Curry

Serves 4

500gm chicken thigh, cut into chunks.

1 can coconut milk.

1 cup bone broth or chicken stock.

100-150gm green curry paste.

6 radish cut into quarters.

stalk of cauliflower thinly sliced. (or other above ground veggies you wish to use)


Chop chicken in chunks and veggies into bite size pieces.

Fry off green curry paste for a minute or two until aromas start to overpower then add can of coconut milk and bone broth bring this to a simmer. Add chicken and veggies and simmer for 10 minutes. It’s that easy! Then serve with cauliflower rice or keto crepes.

Per serve  – curry only.

Carbs 3.5gm

Protein 30gm

Fat 40gm

All nutritional information is ‘by my best reckoning’ I will not be held responsible for nutritional values.

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