BOOM Keto Adapted

So I am 8 weeks in now and finally I am keto adapted.  I think having poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and therefore insulin resistance (IR) it has taken me a long time to get here but I got here thanks to my amazing wonderful body healing itself.

So how does it feel? Well you know that day when the brain fog cleared and then you couldn’t get to sleep in induction, it is like that again – without the insomnia. Except now I feel like Einstein, it’s like my brain just rev’d up to an even higher level. I feel a tug of hunger but it is very minimal and it ebbs while I am cooking but I am aware I should eat so I do.

Also I used to be so fussy about what I wanted to eat. There could be perfectly delicious food in the fridge but if it wasn’t what I wanted I would make something else entirely. Now I open the fridge and go that needs to be eaten, that will be fine – it’s just food. I am not that fussed to eat, let alone care what it is – as long as its Keto.

This is a total revelation to me. I spent 30 years feeling like a personal failure as I just gained weight no matter what I did. I overcame my bingeing through hard personal work and cut back on all the junk and I still gained weight. I had totally given up on ever being able to make a change.

It was the sugar, the sugar addiction controlled my brain, my gut and my emotions. It was not my fault, it is not your fault.

The relief and joy I feel cannot be overstated. So if you feel like nothing will ever work for you I implore you to try Keto for yourself stick at it for at least 2 weeks and you can change your life too.


Keto 4 Eva


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