Berry & Coconut Keto LCHF Ice cream

img_2861So this is my quick and easy – I need a natural sweet fix right now! And after finding Halo Top is $10.99 in Australia and $3.69-$5.99 in USA – just another example of ripping off Aussies. I am sticking to home made.

Ingredients and method together as it’s so easy.
serves 4

1 can of coconut milk or cream
that has been in fridge for at least 24 hrs (I always leave one in the fridge so I am ready to go)

200gm frozen berries of choice.

If you want it sweeter than the berries alone add 1/4 tspn  sweet leaf stevia or your favourite sweetener.

Put it in your blender/thermo and whizz for a minute. Then put into bowl and eat.

It wont be hard, you can put it in freezer for 1/2 an hour to firm up – or just eat it straight away. Once it is frozen it goes really hard and needs to be left out for a good hour to go soft again. Best eaten as soon as you make it.

Nutrition info

(based on mixed berries)

Fat 18.75, Protein 2.6gm, Carbs Net 5.6gm, Cal 221/Kj 925.

All nutritional information is based on best estimate. I will not be held responsible for nutrition info.



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