Experiments in chip making

So I tried to make radish fries. Fries or Hot Chips as we call them in Australia are one of the things on my most missed list.

I am keto for life so I don’t plan on indulging on them anytime soon. I like to experiment and try and come up with substitutes.  So far there is nothing that stacks up. So although this is in the recipe section there is no recipe. I think failures are as important as successes .

This meal is spice fried chicken with spinach and radish fries. I deep fried them in lard, so you would think they would taste great, alas they just tasted like mushy radish, it is one of those things that looks much better than it tastes.

But I am not giving up one day I will publish a fries substitute. Parsnips and turnips are my next experiments – both of which I have ignored and derided my whole life but time for an attitude change.


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