Aussie 60 sec bread for Vegemite Toast

An Australian staple. I have grown up a Vegemite kid and I can’t let it go, why would I?

So I have amended the famous ’90 sec bread’ recipe to one I prefer and continue to be able to have Vegemite toast every now and then.

My version I will call Aussie 60 sec bread


3 tablespoons almond flour/meal

2 teaspoons coconut flour

1 large egg (if still to dry add a couple of teaspoons of water, but it is a dryish mix)

1/4 teaspoon baking powder.


Mix together dry ingredients in a bowl then add egg mix again. Tip use a flat bottom bowl so you get more of an english muffin shape rather than a round bottom bowl for more of a bread roll shape.

Microwave in 1200W microwave for 60 seconds. Once it is firm on top it is done.

I like to use a sandwich press rather than a toaster for toasting this bread as it takes more of the moisture out making it more bread like.

Smear with butter and Vegemite to your liking.


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