Pork Crackle / Pork Rind review 1st Ed

So pork rinds are a low carber staple food – the keto chip. Can be used as a snack, as nachos base, as breading for meats, even as a dessert when rolled in cinnamon and sweetener. We see all the amazing options there are in the USA but here the pickings are slimmer. I am in Victoria so I can only base my review on what I can get access to. If I come across more I will add them in.

From Best to Worst

Nothing beats homemade

Pros – delicious, cheap, great for breading after a whizz in the blender.

Cons – goes stale after 4 days. Involves a lot of prep and clean up.




Sweethearts Pork Crackle 75gm – Keto Diet Shop Oz $4.00

Pros: Good fresh crunch, lightly salted so can be used sweet or savoury. No MSG. No smell

Cons: cooked in sunflower oil



The Providore – Balwyn Vic $6.50

Pros – super delicious – I would go so far as to say addictive, which could also be a con. Great crunch and perfect salting. Homemade quality, no nasties like MSG.

Cons – slightly too greasy and lots of little broken bits at the end. Pricey for small bag. No ingredients so I don’t know what oil was used




Gold Seal Pork Krackles 50gm – Woolies and Coles $2.70

Pros: good crunch and texture,

Cons: bit smelly, has MSG, too savoury to use for sweet.




Supreme Quality Foods 100gm $5.00 Asian Grocery 

Pros: None

Cons: Not crunchy seem stale though still in date, super salty have MSG and salt. Rinds very airy and thin not pleasant at all. Avoid.


Let me know of any more types around and I will give them a go.



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