Week 11 Update – Biohacks

So this week I hit 10kgs/22lbs down. I hit my first official goal! Things have slowed down the last few weeks which has been really frustrating as I have been 100% keto the whole time but I am here 10 kgs down. Now I feel I can start writing, I know I am here for the long haul.

Some of the people I follow on Instagram lose 1-3kg a week mostly consistently and if I lose 1kg a week it is a great week but usually it is half a kilo. I know I know everyone says it the healthy level, to which I always respond –  but I have a lot to lose so I should lose more at this stage. Anyway I need to stop and congratulate myself at 10kgs down. All the clothes in my wardrobe fit me for a change. My tracksuit pants have grown about 4 inches longer, most of my t-shirts have turned into one shouldered sexy numbers. My double chin is almost gone completely and I think its time to update my profile pic on social media.

So many great changes already – so high five for me!

Now I really have the swing of Keto and have become my own health champion after decades of misdiagnosis. I am starting some biohacks to try and get this weight loss train moving faster. I am also a qualified naturopath and have been reading all the ketogenic science since I converted so am ready to individualise things for me.

So as a run down of where I am

Current Macros:

Carbs 14gm

Protein 77gm

Fat 90gm-160gm

I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) this leads to or is caused by insulin resistance (the jury is still out on who is to blame). Insulin resistance causes weight gain, management = ketogenic diet.

So now to the biohacks as the above is all just standard keto stuff so you know where I am at.

2 x DHEA tablets a day – this is for PCOS and weight loss http://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/dhea/evidence/hrb-20059173

Biotin – Hair skin nails
B complex – nervous system, metabolism – basically everything
D – immune system, bone density
Magnesium Forte x 2 – nervous system, muscle functioning

Progesterone supplementation from Day 14-28 each month to try and some healing in my cycle.

I have started introducing fasting in a bid to reduce my insulin resistance, like blood pressure there is base line insulin and spiked insulin levels – a top and a bottom number. Although I am not diabetic I would like to reduce my base line insulin level. According to Dr Fung the current expert in the area, fasting is the quickest way to reduce your fasting insulin levels and now I am fat adapted this is possible. I say possible not fun. I have done 2 x 22 hrs, 1 x 36 hr and am currently doing a 16:8 protocol (fast 16 hrs a day). Dr Fung also says to mix things up – don’t let the body get used to one thing – hence the crazy schedule.

So from this point on I am going to include a written weekly update of how things are going physically and emotionally. I hope you will continue to follow my progress.







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