Real Chocolate Mousse keto style


In my search for keto chocolate mousse recipes I was dismayed to see the options. Butter really? I want mousse not nutella. Sour cream? I don’t want a cheesecake. I want light and fluffy mousse. Then I thought there is nothing wrong with the traditional recipe just sub out the sugar right. So here is my small quantity real chocolate mousse keto style, light as air and super chocolatey.

Serves 2 large or 3 small
prep time 10 minutes
chill time 15 minutes


1 egg white

120ml whipping cream

4 squares of Lindt 90% chocolate

1.5 tablespoons good quality cacao 

1 tablespoon Natvia or sweetener to taste

tiny pinch of salt


This is a 2 bowl operation I am afraid but it is ready to go in 15 minutes so that makes up for it.

Whip egg white until stiff peak but do not over whip.

Whip cream and sweetener until firm

Melt chocolate in 20 sec bursts in the microwave and mix well we want it melted not hot.

Add chocolate and cocoa to cream and mix on fold setting until well combined.

Add egg whites and fold until just combined.

Divide into bowls and refrigerate for 15 minutes – if you can wait that long.

Nutritional Info – guide only

based on 3 serves
Fat 23.7gm
Protein 4.1gm
Net Carbs 3.8gm



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