Weekly Update – 12

Hi Again. So I am down another 1.4kg to 11.4kg total which is ace. My weight loss seems to go in steps a small loss then a big loss (for me) then small again but I can see the changes in my body.

I have now reached the stage where my clothes are getting too big, my t shirts are one shouldered nighties. My swimmers are suddenly too long all floppy around my bum and front, which is a problem as I swim for exercise twice a week. I am not that happy about buying ‘transition’ clothes because I want to save my money for goal clothes of course, but I have to be realistic I am a year from goal and I am going to need clothes in that time. Think a trip to Kmart is in order for t-shirts and trackie pants at least.

With any other weight loss journal I have kept it is all about hanging on and not cheating the weird thing about keto is the food is not a problem, my food report is; ate keto all week it was yummy. No desire to cheat, made a fantastic chocolate mousse so why would I cheat.

I have been using intermittent fasting and am beginning to see some good results. My blood glucose levels are now in the 4’s or 80’s in the american system. I am not diabetic but I am highly insulin resistant which is why I am fat, so as previously discussed insulin is my battle not calories and I am fighting the good fight.

My rant this week is about the crazies on the facebook groups, I am a member of quite a few facebook groups. I love them and get a lot of great information and support from them but you have to put up with quite a few varieties of odd people.

There is the militant purist – you are all going to hell because you use almond meal and natural sweeteners.

There is the misinformed idiot brigade – I cut my calories to break my stall and I only eat 1000 calories a day and that is the only way to do it, then quotes Dr Fung as a source who’s whole ground breaking obesity treatment is totally against cutting calories as if you reduce calories in you reduce calories out.

Then there is the hypochondriac ketoer – I got a cold is this keto related, I ate out at chain restaurant and am sick as a dog – is this keto related? My vision is blurry is it keto related? and the list goes on.

And finally of course the my version of keto/lchf/banting/real meal revolution is the only way and you are all wrong and you will all fail unless you follow my way.

I am getting much better at avoiding them on the boards but sometimes I feel the need to intervene and it doesn’t always end well – but I haven’t been banned yet!

Well that’s it for this week, see you next week.



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