Weekly Update – 14

Sorry missed a week, was away from home and managing to get my you tube up was all I could manage.

Anyway the last week or so have been really frustrating just hanging around the same kilo up down up down then period arrived and it showed I was up 1.4 kg – what the! So that made me sad even though I know it wasn’t true.

Today I am down 1.5kg bloody scales – so where am I at today -11.8kg total, I do expect this to drop more over the next few days as my hormones calm down again.

I did have a non scale victory though – as I said the scale has been tormenting me but everyone always says try on clothes so I pulled out my smallest jeans that I couldn’t even get over my arse to even try on at the beginning. Last time I tried them on was about 6 weeks ago and I could get them up but I would say there was 4-5 inches from doing up. Today I tried them on and they are 1 inch from doing up, if I lay down on the bed I could get them on although not comfy! I thought it would take months to get into these jeans. I think by next month they will be on comfortably, I can’t wait to be able to wear them again, and just when the weather is cooling down.

So as these things do, this has improved my mood considerably. I wasn’t showing cm off my waist or arms and thought it was a real stall but things are coming in all the time.

So this week I had a social weekend last week with my bestie in town. I ate out twice and made keto choices, I think there may have been a little sugar in the Chilli Beef but hey you got to live and I didn’t eat rice or roti or dessert so I am not going to obsess over it. I did find that alcohol spiked my insulin for 48 hours from around 4.5 to 6 which was a real disappointment but at least I know now so will have to decide if it is really worth it to have a drink, sometimes it will be sometimes it won’t. At least I feel in control of my choices now.

So the intermittent fasting continues I have done 2 x 23 hrs and 5 x 18hrs this week. I was really hungry today by noon so I had egg and bacon. I am really beginning to understand the difference between hunger and hunger signals now, that is what fasting is teaching me.

I was really down and feeling punitive to myself on Monday period related so decided to start a 5 day fast, by the afternoon my mood was lifting and I said to myself ‘what are you doing, you are menstruating, you are hungry and you are doing this fast as some crazy punishment – that is not the way to fast. So I broke the fast at 23hrs, made a good meal and reminded myself I will get a lot further with self-love than self-punishment.

Have a great week


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Odetta says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m on such a similar journey and really appreciate your openness. Makes me feel I’m not alone on this journey to health and wellbeing.


  2. Saskia says:

    Thanks Odetta ! It’s nice to know someone is listening and on the same journey. We can do it !


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