Weekly Update 15 – things I wish I knew

So this post is based on the repeated questions I see on the facebook group threads.

Here is a modified version of what I said

Things I wish I knew when I started.

Just start , it doesn’t have to be perfect – we all make mistakes at the beginning.

Day 2-3 will suck – it’s the carb monster fight it – after that it’s plain sailing.

Never purchase anything with malitol – it’s disaster pants and 24hrs of gastric torture.

Have sugar free chocolate in the house for when a craving hits – be prepared. With note of the above point in mind. In Australia Well Naturally is a safe bet.

Cream adds up fast, keep track of it.

For almost every weird feeling the answer is SALT & MAGNESIUM.

The first week eat as much as you need as long as it’s very low carb – worry about your macros once you beat the carb monster.

Don’t compare yourself to others – someone’s always going to lose faster than you and someone is always going to lose slower than you.

Find your keto tribe, look around at different style of keto different facebook groups, instagram family, pinterest has fabulous recipes. Find your fit, some are great, some are weird and most have no sense of humour but are generally kind.

Don’t try and explain keto to people who don’t want to get it, you’re wasting your breathe and your energy.

Most people stall week 3-4 it’s not a stall it’s your body adjusting to this complete change in metabolism. Millions of mitochondria have to change what they have been doing for decades it’s a bloody miracle they can do it at all – give them a chance!

It’s a way of life and not a diet, the sooner you accept this the happier you will be.

So Keto on everyone xx



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