Weekly Update 17


Well I have 2 weeks to discuss so last week I did a 72 hour fast, it felt like 720 hours, I don’t know if I will ever get used to long fasts, they are just hard. All the books say by day 3 your appetite reduces well by the end of day 3 my appetite felt like a forest fire and I had to eat.

I will have gained lots of benefits including healing my insulin resistance, immune system reboot, autophagy (cleaning up old proteins) and a mental test.

It helped break my plateau which is great and I am now down by 15kg. Although since breaking the fast my appetite has increased and I am still fighting with it now.

When I first went into ketosis I was really amazed by my appetite reduction, it was like a gift from the gods, but it seems to have left me of late. I get hungry, really hungry. I have only managed to get back on my 16:8 schedule this week and even that is hard.

I am hoping there is going to be a big weight drop or an appetite reduction soon.

I have to trust the process eat keto, fast when I can and believe that it will work. There are so many opinions out there about the ‘right’ way to do keto. Lots of fats, no added fats, all natural, no sweeteners, if it fits your macros. It is enough to make your head spin. It has turned me around a few times but I am sticking with basic keto macros of 5% carbs, 20% protein and 75% fats. I don’t have to eat all my fat but if I need it I will.

Tracking for me is a double edged sword as it means I know how much I have left and end up eating more than I otherwise would have and also this is a way of life not a diet, tracking is for dieting.

Sorry again my updates have been a bit slack, this whole applying for jobs is getting me down sometimes and unfortunately it leaks into all areas of my life. On that front I am also going to start a marketing business as well so if they won’t give me a job I will make my own! So we will see – lots of work ahead but if I can get some clients then it could be a success. As a very successful keto person says keto sorts your food out but you have to sort your head out. It is such a mental game.

So the goals for this week are to get my appetite under control, keep in a good headspace and remind myself I am more than my career status. My friend described this as a rebirth for me and I think that is very accurate, the weight loss makes me feel I want to re-enter the world, be more involved after a long period of extreme introversion, I am just impatient on all fronts I want it all now, but thats not how it works, I have to stay the course and just keep trying something has to give in the end.

So I hope this is a great week for you in your keto journey


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