Weekly Update 18


So this week I am trying a carb up and I would like to explain the idea behind it.

The body loves to stay the same and when you are trying to lose weight you want your body to change – not stay the same, so following the same macros and fasting schedule day after day allows the body to anticipate what is going to come next and adapt – homeostasis is where the body wants to be, so when the body thinks – right got this fat burning thing down pat you give it some carbs and it goes – what the!

Well that is the theory anyway. So on Wednesday I ate 115gm total carbs, I added 150gm sweet potato and 150gm white potato and 125gm raspberries to get to that number. So all whole food carbs, no carbage.

I got on the scales this morning and so far up 200gms which means so far it is an abject failure – I will continue to monitor for the week and report in again next week.

My other plan in a few days is to change to alternate day fasting I have been doing 16:8 fasting and I think my body has adapted to it – hence the stall.

Enjoy your easter break hope you are doing something fun.




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