10 Carbs that can sneak up on you

So when I started I would average 9-14 carbs a day no problem but tracking recently I am finding it hard to stay under 20. So I thought I would give you a list of what I like to call sneaky carbs so you can watch out for them too.

  1. Cream – it still has carbs you need to count every blob of it.
  2. Peanut butter – yes its a treat and at 2-3gm carbs per tablespoon it is not that low.
  3. Berries – just a couple of times a week you say, are you weighing them ?
  4. 90 sec bread and almond and coconut flours in general.
  5. That Lindt 90% is 2.5gm per 2 squares better count ’em
  6. Veggies, yes I know they are good but that cup of cabbage 3gm, that avocado 4gm. I am of course pro veggies – but they do add up.
  7. Is that bacon maple cured or some such deliciousness suddenly it goes from zero to 2gm per slice.
  8. Seeds in crackers and sprinkled on salads, 50gm seeds 5.5gm carbs !
  9. White cheeses like Feta 50gm = 2gm carbs
  10. Coconut cream 70ml = 2.2gm and 70ml isn’t a lot


So watch out for ’em – keep that eagle eye on your serving sizes and keto on.

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