Weekly Update 24 May 2017

So this week has been another roller coaster. I decided to try another carb up to try and lift my leptin (fullness hormone) levels as I have been getting really hungry.

I ate about 100gm of sweet potato and 45gm of real milk chocolate and 3 serves of halo top ice cream. When I got on the scales the next day I had put on 1.6kg! Then the day after another .2 so +1.8kg! Needless to say I completely freaked out. My previous carb up day I didn’t gain or lose anything so this was a bit of a shock.

Today I am down .2 only and have decided to focus on good clean keto. I have the belief that this will fall off again soon as A, I didn’t eat 1.6 kg worth of food so it has to be mainly water B, It was a good lesson and I am not going to do it again. Clearly I am super carb sensitive still even after 5 months of this. It is okay to try things and see how they affect me and make my own decisions. There are so many so called experts in keto telling us different things all claiming the other is wrong, I’ve decided no one really knows and we have to work it out for ourselves.

So despite Leanne Vogels Carb up idea not really working for me so far, Ben McDonalds keto – less fat – protein plus 2 cups of veg, 16:8 daily plus a couple of longer ones – nice idea but who is really that pure all the time? Not me and it kind of built up the desire to overeat in me on two levels, first I would say to myself – I haven’t eaten for X number of hours so I can have a big meal and secondly it also really feels like just another diet when this is meant to be a way of life I can do forever.

The hungries have been annoying and are definitely contributing to my stall so that is why I tried the carb up. I cut out dairy last week and did pretty well with only one slip up and did not see any change in the scales either so this damned stall continues. I am going to have a little fiddle with my macros at the suggestion of one of my instagram family and up my protein and lower my fat a bit. I need to find my sweet spot for satiety and weight loss as I am not prepared to go hungry for the next year and I lost really successfully for a long time on good old keto, so it does work.

Stress is also killing my weight loss at the moment so I have to accept all these things and just keto on.

Fizz Woo my new puppy is a tornedo which has slowed me down on my  recipe videos of late and I am waiting on a tripod for my phone as the super cheapy I had exploded and holding the camera is not working for me. So please bear with me while I post one way or another while puppy rearing.

Keto on people xx


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