Keto Scotch Egg


Serves 2

  • 300gm pork or beef mince
  • 3 eggs – 2 eggs soft boiled plus one to bind meat
  • fennel seed
  • thyme
  • parsley
  • garlic clove
  • crushed pork rinds
  • oil for frying


Soft boil 2 eggs and peel – you want these soft boil only remember they are going to be cooked again.

to mince add herbs, I like to blitz mine in the bullet

add to meat with egg and combine into mix. Leave for 5 mins which crush pork rinds.

roll out meat with plastic wrap until about .5cm thick and large enough to cover egg.

Roll meat around egg and shape with hands to make sure all is covered.

Roll in crushed pork rinds until well covered.

I fry in lard heated to 180c for 5 minutes each side.

These are a lot of work for an egg and sausage but they do look great and you feel fab when you crack it open and it is still runny, well I did anyway. You can always just make the sausage mix fry it and boil an egg, not quite as special but delicious.


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