Weekly Update July


Sorry for my long absence. Had a few too many things going on and I got overwhelmed but I am back.  And with good news I am now down 21kgs, all the stress has actually made me lose not gain for a change.  So it feels great to have reached my first major goal of 20kgs, can’t really believe it – especially because I eat delicious food everyday.  I still do fasting – generally around 18 hrs a day. Then I eat 2 meals in my eating window.

So the stall is broken. I am keeping off the scales at the moment as I am doing well and I don’t want each day to be about a number. I am 100% keto and that is my measurement. My body measurements can take care of themselves if I take care of my food choices.

I am started on a series of Cauliflower recipes, my first one Cauliflower Fritters is up now. There will be lots more to come.

It is deep into winter now and I have finally found a job. Week one this week so I am so exhausted but have made it – so far. Fizz Woo my new pup is growing up into a smart little punk, still a naughty minx though. I always forget how much work puppies are and swear I will never do it again.  Hopefully next time I will remember.

Hope you are having a great week

It’s great to be back


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