Keto on a budget

When you first start keto you sometimes think, god how am I going to afford all this expensive stuff. Meat and cheese are not cheap and seem to go up every month.  The good news is you want the fatty cuts of meat which are often the cheapest and with a slow cooker you can make almost anything taste great.

If you are in Australia on a tight budget Aldi is the way to go.

I bought all this for $21 and it will feed me most of the week. I have some more veggies at home which will supplement it but burgers and meatballs, delicious and cheap, raspberries and cream for dessert and some roll ups for lunch. I have my own chickens and egg and bacon is a staple for me.



So don’t be put off Keto because the ingredients seems expensive – its not, when you are just eating real food you will realise how much you spent before on chocolate, chips and convenience foods, they are expensive. You also find you need a lot less food because you are less hungry when you eat satiating food instead of puffy fillers.

My top tips to make keto cost effective

Buy in bulk then freeze and meal prep
Use cheap cuts like chicken wings, 3 star mince meat.
Buy cheese on sale it keeps a while.
Buy generic dairy products they all come from cows its just packaging.


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