What’s been happening lately Oct 17


So I have been a bit slack lately with the blog – sorry! Life gets in the way and all that. New dog, new job, new season. But I am still here and I am still plugging away and i am recommitting to my blog as well.

I stall I take off again I stall then take off again, that’s my process. I have just been through another long stall and this time I swapped some of my cream in tea and coffee for hi protein milk in an attempt to reduce my calories with only a small increase in carbs. In the past I have been pretty anti worrying about calories and at heart I still am, but I am a 40 something woman with metabolic disease and serious hormonal issues not unfortunately a 20 year old with balanced hormones and so I have to accept my path is harder and slower. You know what, that is okay, I am not in a competition with anyone but myself.

So the second part of my stall break is being consistent with my fasting. I am trying for 18 or 20 hour fasts most days but if I am really not feeling it then I don’t. This has allowed me to drop another 2kg (5lbs) and I am really pushing on for a couple of reasons. 1 my Ketoversary is coming up on November 28 and I want to get to 26kgs lost for that and secondly I am about to get to another ‘decade’ of numbers on the scale and these will be numbers I haven’t seen in more than 10 years and that is exciting.

I am definitely keto for life, it is so good to have finally found the right way for me, I am not saying it is the right way for everyone but it is definitely the right way for me and no one will make me change, and seeing as I can make basically anything I want keto why would I change.

I am about to do lots of medical tests because unfortunately my remaining ovary is in trouble so wish me luck. I will report back on my medical tests as I am really interested to see how they compare to the last raft of tests I undertook a few years ago.

Stay safe, keto on

Saskia X

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