January 2018 Update

Been super slack the last few months, really sorry just busy with life and all that but I am still here and I am still ketoing on, with the odd slip up every now and then. Christmas involved some slackness but I have been pushing the fasting hard in January and am down 5 kgs which is 2.5 kg down from my lowest weight as the other 2.5kgs was Christmas indulgence gain. The hard thing with keto for me is if I veer outside the lines I put on weight fast – so I really have to work had at being strict 90-95% of the time, which is fine once I accept it. So I am inching towards a MAJOR goal which is double figures for me, I am getting so close I can almost taste it.

I can struggle if I try and restrict my eating and then binge as I have discussed before, so that is where the fasting is coming in, I am fasting more and just eating normally on eating days, yes there have been a few overeating days after a long fast and I am still working on dealing with that. The bodies hormones are really strong and the desire to binge after a long fast for me is also my body saying eat eat eat all day not just my mind or ‘will power’ – I don’t believe in will power there are times when we can be in control for long periods, and periods where we are out of control. Will power has nothing to do with it. So even if I eat a few hundred extra calories on non fasting days it still doesn’t make up for the calorie deficit, so I still lose weight, and on the days I eat I can practise listening to my body and eating when my body wants to.

Fasting so far January 2018

4th Jan 40 hrs

7th Jan 89 hrs

14th Jan 67 hrs

This week I am going to do 2 x 36 hr fasts to change things up So I will fast Mon & Wed I would do Friday but it is a public holiday here and I have a BBQ to go to so will go and enjoy that, If I have a hangover I won’t fast Sat but if I don’t I will. Keeping it flexible, I have been on a diet for 14 mths and I am going to enjoy myself at things I am invited to, I am not going to put off living.

Some of the long term keto people I follow are moving away from keto, there seems to be a lot of us who lose a large amount of weight and then just stop, this has been me over the last few months and fasting is the only thing that is getting the scales moving again. I am thinking about this and trying to work out what is going on. Lots of people say redo your macros eat less, calories count. This is all true in one sense but the other argument is as per Dr Fung the CRAP theory or calorie reduction theory has proven to fail 96% of the time so telling me to eat less, cut dairy is just moving keto back into CRAP territory and that is not a solution that is just falling back on an old paradigm. Some people are going more paleo and adding back in fruit and more veggies, some are adding the CRAP theory back, I am going to continue with keto and fasting my idea being to get the weight off, I seem to be a master of maintenance, I have maintained my 26kg loss for months with only a 1-2 kg fluctuation – which has been driving me slowly insane. So if I can fast off the excess hopefully I can then just go back to maintenance once I am where I want to be.

Saskia X

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