Halo Top in Australia. New Flavours


So I will start this post acknowledging that I can’t be trusted with Halo Top and try not to buy it too often as I really can’t do one serve, generally it is a half to whole tub. Having said that I have sampled all the flavours I have found so far  and here is a review from favourite to least favourite.



Candy Bar

This is my definite favourite, chocolate ice cream with a caramel swirl and crushed peanuts, it really tastes decadent and combines my two favourite things Chocolate and Caramel. If you are going to try one let it be this.



Birthday Cake

It’s a classic and one of the first to come to Australia, I would describe it as like cheesecake ice-cream with hundreds and thousands though it. It is creamy and delicious.



Peanut Butter Cup

If you aren’t a peanut butter fan then move on but if you are, this one is good, not as rich as some of the other flavours but peanut butter and chocolate, in my book you can’t go wrong



This has chunks of strawberry like an old fashioned strawberry ice cream, a toss up with the Peanut Butter really, sweet, strong flavour, a winner.



The american classic, I enjoyed it as there are biscuits and chocolate and apparently marshmallow but they were miniscule like the biscuit pieces. I like this one better than cookie dough but not a favourite.


Vanilla Bean

Always a classic, doesn’t disappoint good creamy vanilla flavour bit too pricey in Australia though.



Sea Salt Caramel

This one is a sugar hit, I find it overly sweet but pow if you are looking for a hit this could be it, this image is a bit off because I had the dairy based one not the dairy free.




Its a classic but it could be richer in flavour, feels a bit diet ice creamish,  more cocoa needed I say, not a favourite.


Cookie Dough

This one really feels like a diet ice cream due to the miniscule cookie pieces, its like they are surgically counted and placed in the ice cream exactly 8 cm apart. Disappointing overall.


Dairy Free Caramel Macchiato

Yuck! Grainy texture presumably because its the dairy free version, weird chemical flavour, thumbs down on this one and has kind of put me off dairy free ones


Mint Chip

I would call this toothpaste and wood, horrible septic mint flavour and the chocolate is so minuscule and frozen it has no flavour, mainly just getting stuck in your teeth, I am a big fan of mint chip but this is gross.


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